Pharmacy Practice


Prepare the most competent and professionally qualified practicing pharmacist to meet global health demand.


  • To impart innovative and current, knowledge and practical skills in pharmacy practice
  • To advocate develop professionalism with assertiveness, critical thinking and ethical values in    pharmacy  graduates.
  • To ingrain the desire for life-long learning with effective communication and leadership skills for    positively  influencing health outcomes

Salient features

Pharmacy practice department is having MoU with the most-prestigious territory hospital SVRRGGH, Tirupati, a 1200 bedded hospital with the objective of strengthening the health care of the community. The department offers Doctor of Pharmacy course in Pharm D (6 years) and Pharm D (PB) (3 years) modes. The department provides thorough training in class-rooms and real patient bed-side exposure in the Hospital as well. Department involves the students in year-round hospital ward-ship activity with help of internal and external preceptor set-up. At higher level of study, students are trained for case presentations-interpretations, project reports and dissertations. The department conducts public health awareness campaigns and medical camps with association of IPA and IMA. The department offers the services on drug/ poison information with help of MICROMEDEX; adverse drug reaction monitoring and reporting; medication history review; optimal use of medications; and patient counseling. Graduates of the department acquire knowledge and skills in areas such as drug utilization evaluation, pharmacoeconomics, medication errors, pharmaceutical care, pharmacovigilance, guidelines for preparation of IV infusions and rational use of antibiotics, pharmacoepidemiology and TDM.