Pharmaceutical Analysis


Nurture Pharmaceutical Analysis students of the highest quality for global Pharmaceutical Industry.


  • To foster academic and industrial oriented research and analytical skills among the students and    staff
  • To inculcate professional skill development in Pharmaceutical Analysis
  • To promote innovative and leadership qualities in quality management
  • To provide highest mode of teaching and learning methods

Salient features

Department of Pharmaceutical Analysis provides highest quality of class room teaching through traditional and innovative practices such as black-board and e-presentations to the Pharmacy graduates. The students are also enlighten and explained on key aspects of various Pharmaceutical Analysis subjects in tutorial sessions with one-to-one interaction. Encourages the problem based learning in special sessions and group discussions at post graduation level. Junior year students are provided with strong basics in both theory and practice and higher class students are given advanced level training in theory and practice apart from their regular curriculum. The senior students are encouraged and get hands-on experience on sophisticated instruments such as Shimadzu UV-Visible spectrophotometer, FT-IR spectrophotometer, KF-titrator, Gel electrophoresis and HPLC. As a research cluster of SPSP, the department is actively involved in the method development, standardization and stability studies of Phytopharmaceuticals, API’s and formulations by different advanced analytical techniques. The special emphasis is laid on standardization of herbal drugs and development of new bioanalytical techniques for bio-samples.