About Pharm.D PB (Post Baccalaureate)

Doctor of Pharmacy or Pharm. D is a hospital oriented professional doctor degree in pharmacy. It is a three years pre-PhD, post-graduate program and a student gets authorization to use prefix Doctor (Dr) to his/her name. A pass in B.Pharmacy from an institution approved by the Pharmacy Council of India under section 12 of the Pharmacy Act is eligible to join the course. The course was introduced to improve clinical and hospital pharmacy services in India and it is the only pharmacy service which is in direct contact with patient health care system and authorized to take critical decisions in in-patient prescription to assure the provision of rational drug therapy and to improve patient outcomes.The students acquire their clinical knowledge and skills to manage patients with chronic or acute illness, collaborate other health care providers to provide cost effective care, identify and correct drug related problems, council and educate patients and family members on correct use of medications. The students undergo one Year internship/residency during the final year (3rd year) in the various major departments of the specialty teaching hospital in the campus. The opportunities for Pharm. D graduates include Hospital, Clinical & Community Pharmacy, Clinical Trials, Pharmacovigilance (ADR monitoring), Academics, Pharmacoeconomics and Regulatory Affairs.

Course Structure – Pharm. D PB (Post Baccalaureate)

The Pharm. D course shall be three academic years (two years of study and one year of internship or residency) full time with each academic year spread over a period of not less than two hundred working days. The period of three years duration is divided into two phases.

Phase I – consisting of First and Second academic year.

Phase II – consisting of internship or residency training during sixth year involving posting in specialty units. It is a phase of training wherein a student is exposed to actual pharmacy practice or Clinical Pharmacy services and acquires skill under supervision so that he or she may become capable of functioning independently.