The college is situated in the expansive Mohan Gardens. The creation of supporting infrastructure is the major element of our core strategy ensuring that students have everything they need for an ironic, stimulating campus life. Infrastructure at SPSP is carefully developed in response to student and faculty needs and ensures that there are no boundaries between the discovery, transfer and application of knowledge. We believe this sustained form of better academic performance, but in the ability of the SPSP community to update, embrace new challenges and seize new opportunities. Entire campus is equipped with 24 X 365 Wi-Fi facility.

The classrooms are prearranged to maximize light and space and students have access to the latest computing and research facilities. Outside the classroom, secure hostel and modern cafeteria provide comfortable on-campus living, while admirable sports and recreation facilities give every student the chance to explore and develop their potential.

The infrastructure provided for SPSP is as follows:

Total Build Area – 10054 sq.mts

Instructional Area
Class room UG 9 (Each 70 sq.mts)
Class room PG 6 (Each 33 sq.mts)
Animal house 1 (50 sq.mts)
Computer center 1 (200 sq.mts)
Library 1 (200 sq.mts)
UG 10 (Each 85 sq.mts)
PG 5
Museum 1
Machine room 1
Amenities area
Hostel (Girls) 1 (400 sq.mts)
Playground 1.5 Acres
Guest house 1
Canteen 1
Computer Facilities  
Class Room


With the aim of inculcating the basic and up to date knowledge to the students, this institute is well furnished with floor wise spacious class rooms, with CC cameras, well ventilated with non- echo rooms each with 100 seating capacity. The class rooms are also provided with OHP projectors, Digital projectors, Podiums, along with free accessing Wi-Fi facility.



Laboratories are well ventilated and equipped with gas, water, electricity and with other equipment. The labs are maintained as per council standards. For details on equipment and research facility refer respective departments. Lab safety is first priority.

Apart from the labs, the practical sessions of regular class-work and research work of students and faculty are well supported by

Central instrumentation room

A highly equipped and well-furnished Central Instrumentation Room is constructed for carrying the analytical research and experimentation for the research scholars, post graduates and graduates including the faculty members. The availability of sophisticated and latest equipments like HPLC, FTIR spectrophotometer, UV spectrophotometer, Nephelo-Turbidometer, Flame Photometer, Karl-Fischer Titrator, Ultrasonicator, etc enriches and provides the best path for the students providing an environment simulating to the industries. The works are being carried out in such a way that it imparts a strong foundation on which a student can builds up a beautiful career with enriched knowledge.

Machine room

The machine room within the institute can be called a mini pharmaceutical industry which includes all the latest and sophisticated equipments like Lyophillizer, sixteen station Rotary tablet compression machine, Tablet coating chamber, BOD Incubator, Stability chamber, Brookfield viscometer, Sieve shaker, Capsule filling machine etc. Research within the formulation section always revolves around this machine room where a student can formulate various novel dosage forms with in their experimental environment. It provides technical and professional support for research scholars and the students pursuing their post graduation and graduation during their research works and experimentation works.

Animal House

The animal house within the campus is built, registered and maintained strictly according to the Committee for the Purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA) guidelines. The animal house can provide technical and professional support for research scholars and the students pursuing their post graduation and graduation during their research works and experimentation works. Different species and strains of rabbits and mice etc. are kept separately in animal rooms maintained under standard room temperature of 22o to 25o C, 50-55% relative humidity, 12:12 hour light and dark cycle with 100% fresh air circulation and uninterrupted power and water supply. All the animals in the house are continuously monitored by well trained and qualified persons. This ensures in keeping the animals and the house hygienic and infection free.An Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC) is constituted for the time to time overview and setting the procedures for the safety and care of the animals and to prevent the cruelty towards them during the research and experimentation on them and also during their housing in the animal house.

Seminar Hall


Dr. P. Mohan Rao Memorial Seminar Hall

Apart from the academics and research, the institute consists of centrally air conditioned seminar hall with 500 seating capacity, named in the memory of institute Founder Late Dr. P. Mohan Rao. Here many International and National level conferences, Symposia, Workshops, Guest lectures from many international speakers and other Extracurricular activities including College Annual day celebrations, National Pharmacy week celebrations, various Governing Body meetings and other celebrations and events will be celebrated periodically.