Drug Information Centre

Drug information refers to the provision of unbiased well-referenced and critically evaluated up-to-date information on any aspect of drug use. Drug literature is vast and complex and it is growing rapidly in size. It is also increasingly complex i.e. inter disciplinary and inter-professional in nature. The rate of new drug approval is also very high in the present world dominated by information technology. In a highly populated country like ours patient load for practicing physicians and other health care providers is very high. The time available for going through the vast array of complex literature to keep abreast of newer developments is minimal. A drug information centre dedicated for the task of providing unbiased, critically reviewed information is a logical solution for this problem.

Drug information specific to an individual patient or relative to a group of patients in the contexts of Prevention and Management of disease. Drug information needed for academic or research purposes. The services of DIC can be used by Physicians and other specialty health care providers, Medical students, Pharmacists, Nurses, Other health care professionals, students and patients.

Primary resources: Access to more than 220 Bio Medical Journals, Tertiary resources: Necessary texts and books on various aspects of drug use, Primary resources: Access to more than 220 Bio Medical Journals. Drug Information services is initiated by SPSP. A well-qualified Drug information pharmacist who is also a faculty in SPSP manages Drug information centre. It is located in the third floor of SVRRGH Hospital.


MICROMEDEX is the most reliable, trusted name in evidence-based clinical reference. MICROMEDEX is the ultimate drug resource with fully referenced, unbiased content that covers following: Dosage, Pharmacokinetics, Cautions, Interactions, Comparative efficacy, Adverse effects, Contraindications & Precautions, Toxicology, Drug of choice information, Labeled, off-label indications, Clinical teaching, Orphan drug status, etc. Micromedex is intended for Healthcare professionals, Drug safety and information professionals, Research and development, Medical affairs professionals, Medical and pharmacy school faculty and students to refer complete information at the point of care and provides strength-of-evidence, recommendation, and efficacy ratings for all therapeutic uses.

With quick access to relevant and timely drug facts, clinicians can decrease the risk of adverse drug events and save valuable time.

Micromedex also spans international, FDA-approved, and non-prescription preparations and clinicians get the facts they need to make clinical diagnosis and treatment decisions based on FDA-approved and investigational prescription and non-prescription drugs.