About B. Pharmacy

Bachelor of Pharmacy or B.Pharm is a 4 year undergraduate degree course in Pharmacy. A pharmacy professional is a highly skilled and well trained health care professional and can have the complete knowledge about the medicines, including the source from where the drugs can be obtained, the chemical constituents of it, the pharmacological action, the suitable dosage form, preparation and route of administration, analysis, technologies that can be used for their compounding and analysis, the laws and regulations that are to be followed for the outcome of these products, etc. Pharma industry in India is third in terms of volume and thirteenth in terms of value. Moreover, it has never seen any downfall since its emergence. Pharmacy is an evergreen field where a student can practice his/her profession clinically as well in industries and also in academics both in government and private sectors after the completion of his/her course. Since Pharmacy is a health care profession, there is a lot of scope for serving the society with professional satisfaction.

Course Structure - B. Pharmacy

The entire course of study is for four academic years. All the years shall be on semester pattern with two semesters per year. Diploma in pharmacy students can directly step into I semester of II B. Pharmacy. For the practical exposure to the students, the students have to perform lab experiments in each major subject. Student’s overall performance is evaluated by conducting internal and external examinations both in theory and practical. A student shall be eligible to appear for University examinations if he/she acquires a minimum of 75% of attendance in aggregate of all the subjects in a semester/ year. For qualifying in a subject, one has to secure a minimum of 40% marks in that subject. There shall be an industrial visit as an audit course to a minimum of two industries during III-II summer vacation. Each student has to undergo industrial training with minimum of 30 days duration. The student shall submit a technical report to the department and present a seminar on the visit. The students should perform a project in fourth year second semester and should give a seminar on their project and should attend the viva-voce. The students fulfilling all the requirements within the given time can be awarded B. Pharmacy degree.

B.Pharm R19 Syllabus & Regulations (click to open)