SPSP Alumni Association is registered in the office of the Registrar of Societies, Sri Balaji on 04.08.2017. The Institution has a functional Alumni Association actively participating in various activities. It provides a platform where the alumni come together and plan activities in the college. The association has contributed significantly in the development of the Institution by organizing guest lectures and seminars by eminent alumni from industries, and academics etc., and provide platform for exchange of ideas. The Association also organizes Annual Alumni Meet to establish a link between the alumni, staff and students of the Institute. The association takes feedback from the alumni on improvement in infrastructure, teaching methodology and syllabus to meet the demands of the profession. Apart from this, the Association has also arranged on/off campus interviews either by telephonic conversation or through e-mail with its members.



Bring together all the alumnus of SPSP and contribute towards betterment of individuals, teams, institution, and pharmacy profession.


To bring together all alumni members into a single forum.

To provide uninterrupted network with alumni in order to update the recent trends, developments and opportunities.

To encourage periodical meetings and associations between members.


Aims and Objectives:


(a)        To promote and foster mutually beneficial interaction between the Alumni and the Alma Mater as a non – profitable organization.


(b)        To  encourage  the  Alumni  to  take  abiding  interest  in  the  progress  and development of the Alma Mater.


(c)        To undertake activities of nation building including those of charitable nature.


(d)       To undertake all such lawful activities as are conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.


(e)        To generate corpus at the Sri Padmavathi School of Pharmacy, Tiruchanoor for creating better residential /educational/recreational facilities for the Institute Community.


(f)    To exchange professional knowledge, organize technical conferences, seminars, Workshops & training courses.


Name of the Faculty Role
Dr. D Ranganayakulu President
Dr. C Sridhar Vice President
Mr. K Nanda Kumar Secretary
Mr. B R Sreenivas Murthy Joint Secretary
Mr. T S Durga Prasad Treasurer
Mr. S Dhanunjaya Member
Mr. D Jamal Basha Member
Dr. P Keerthi Sikha Member
Mrs. P Lakshmi Member
Dr. B Kishore Member